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Infomed is a worldwide player for blood purification devices who offers complete solutions for chronic and acute renal replacement (homecare and hospital environment) and for plasma therapies.

Active since 1997, Infomed continuously innovates to create devices designed to reach your topmost needs. Dimi, our homecare dialysis device, is the partner for a new life at home. Dimi was thought to offer the freedom to provide the optimal treatment conditions fulfilling the patient requirements.

Our products are adapted for adult, child and babies. Infomed is the trustful supporter for your extracorporeal project.

We focus on

Infomed values

Therapeutic effectiveness:

Our first goal is to offer the best treatment without compromise for the patients and the healthcare providers. For this reason we develop products answering to all situations and protocol requirements.

Quality of care & Safety:

Patients safety and quality of care define our products. For each device and application, these points are permanently highlighted in the mind of our team.

Accessibility & Adaptability:

The ergonomics of our devices has been studied so that our equipment answers to the needs of different populations. Being on the worldwide market, we have chosen to propose adaptable and easy to use equipment to simplify the user’s life.

Innovation & Performance:

With already many patents, we constantly work to find new solutions to optimize the efficacy of our company and product range. Our continuous improvement policy benefits to all of our partners.

Integrity & Accountability:

Based on respect and responsibility, our team offers its best to grow up within the challenges of our actual world. We integrate ecology, faithfulness and liability in our daily work.



HF440 photo


Infomed SA has been founded in 1997 in Geneva (Switzerland) and has launched its first device, the HF400, on the European market in 1999. At that time, it was the first hemofiltration machine with combined pre-post dilution adapted for babies as well as for high volumes hemofiltration.


Market expansion

Infomed expanded its markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia for both plasmatherapies and CRRT.

At the same time, Infomed introduced the CF100, a cascade filter monitor to be connected to centrifuges.



Infomed created the HF440, an evolution of the HF400 which better fits the needs for intensive care as it includes the CPFA treatment as well as scales allowing to place up to 40 liters of waste and as well 40 liters of substitution fluids or dialysate.


More products

The year after, the company has provided a complete range of products including filters and pre-assembled tubing sets.



A new version of CF100 as well as the CF200 for simple filtration, have been developed to meet the market of low cost blood purification systems.


The CF300 to regenerate adsorption columns

The CF300, is a monitor for adsorption columns regenerated on-line Which have been launched on the market in 2010.


New building in France

New plant in France

Infomed acquires in 2013 a new building based in France with 2’500 sqm capacity.


Welcome DIMI

DIMI, the first system performing both peritoneal dialysis and hemodiafiltration is launched on the European market during the international EDTA congress in Vienna, Austria.


New building in Meinier_Geneva

New premises in Meinier, Geneva

Infomed has invested new premises in Meinier, near Geneva, increasing our Swiss office to 1000 sqm.

Contact us

INFOMED SA (Headquarters)
Route de Compois 11
1252 Meinier

Tel: +41 (0)22 827 62 20
Fax: +41 (0)22 827 62 29

INFOMED SAS (France only)
Zone Artisanale du Credo
01200 Confort

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 56 18 85
Fax: +33 (0)4 50 48 35 73

SIREN : 533 237 640
Capital social : 20 000 €
Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire : FR 87 533 23 76 40

Hot topics

ERA 2024

ERA 2024

Join us to the 61th ERA Congress in Stockholm. This year again, congress is proposed in virtual and in live. As Infomed, we encourage face to face meeting to maintain the link with our partner and ensure a personalized approach. We look forward to seeing many of you in Sweden for this unmissable congress of world nephrology.

Idembox for all our product

Idembox for all our product

Provide on-time the right information to the right person ! Idembox is the Infomed online system created for our partners and available with all latest versions of Infomed’s devices. It provides on-demand services and according the users needs.

A constant improvement

A constant improvement

We work every day to make your life easier. Our teams are at your service to meet your needs. Infomed products are your work tools which should make your life as simple as possible and encourage the application of therapies the most suited to the patients benefit .